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    Awesome Class regarding the transportation course thanks again for the important information,. Witcher

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    Great Class! Very important information needed for Child Care Drivers.

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    Great class

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    love the new layout, much easier to understand and break it down.

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    Very helpful information and easy to understand. Thank you for taking time to put these important information together to help people like me.

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    I really learned a lot about the important different types of car seats. I really liked this class. Thank you

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    This course strikes me to the core especially every time I read about little Jacob accident. The information you have put together for childcare providers is so rewarding to help us keep children safe. Thank you!

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    great information in this course regarding transportation of children.

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    Thanks so much for providing transportation course for providers in home child care, great information

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    While I don’t offer transportation in my home preschool, I do love to learn about it for possible future reference. Great info, Rhonda. Thank you. 🙂

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