Statement of Understanding and Enrollment Agreement
Terms of Service
Shade Tree Learning agrees that:
1. We will offer a professionally development program that will allow time for
participants to put their knowledge into practice through assignments, small group work
and demonstrations.
2. Provide a program that follows current Texas Department of Family and Protective
Services Minimum Standards and is in compliance with the National Association for the
Education of Young Children.
3. Provide a program that does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity,
religion, national origin or age.
4. Provide a program that protects participant’s privacy and holds all records in
confidentiality so that the records are only accessible to specific individuals with the
State of Texas Child Care Licensing.
5. Provide written and oral communication regarding all policy and/or procedural
changes. This includes any needed communication regarding class locations, times, or
responsibilities of either the participant or Shade Tree Learning.
6. Provide a written Certificate of Credential upon the participants’ finished
assignments, tests and final exam.
7. Provide a written Renewal Certificate of Credential upon the participants’ successful
completion of requirements.
8. Provide communication with the State of Texas Department of Family and
Protective Regulatory Service regarding important information regarding the participant
including but not limited the participant to have a suspended or revoked Credential.
I agree that as a participant:
1. I meet eligibility criteria
2. I will attend and actively participate in all required components of this program.
3. I understand that I am only allowed to miss one day of class and that I will have
make up work that must be completed before I can receive my test for credential.
4. I understand that I must score at least a 85% on all projects, test and at least an 80%
on the final exam.
5. I understand that if I am participating in the online class, I must complete all course
work within 6 months of my start date. (Waiver can be granted for specific
6. I will follow all policies and procedures of this program.
7. I will notify Shade Tree Learning of any change in name, address or telephone
8. I understand that registered participants must cancel 4 weeks prior to the start date
of instructor-led class and will receive a full refund. Any participant that cancels after
4 weeks prior to the start date of class will only receive credit towards any classes or
training modules available at NO REFUNDS WILL BE
GIVEN for online or hardback book mailings.
9. I understand that I am not able to receive my credential until the full payment of
($500 for instructor led class, $325.00 for hardbound self-pace or $250 for online
self-pace) is received. NO REFUNDS are given on self-instructional, only
10. I understand that this credential must be renewed every two years on or before the
notification of expiration. I understand to receive the renewed certificate I must
provide 45 hours of training in Child Development and 25 hours of training in
administration plus a $50.00 fee for renewal. I understand that training must come
from a source that meets the Texas Trainer Requirements.
11. I understand that my credential can be suspended or revoked if I fail to maintain a
center in good standing with Child Care Licensing, fail to complete required annual
training, and fail to submit renewal application and fee.
12. I understand that instructor-led classes are subject to cancellation due to inclement
weather or if the minimum number of participants is not met. Refunds or transferring
into the online classes will be possible.
By signing below I certify that:
1. I have never been convicted of a felony offense or misdemeanor classified as: an offense
against the person or family, a public indecency, or a felony violation of any law intended to
control the possession or distribution of any substance included as a controlled substance in the
Texas Controlled Substance Act.
2. I have read the Statement of Understanding and Enrollment Agreement.
3. I have read and understand the STATEMENT OF UNDERSTANDING AND
4. I have read and agree with the above requirements and certify that I have given
accurate and truthful information.
5. By entering your signature below, you state that all information is true and factual.
Submission of registration does not guarantee enrollment in the Director Credential Course.
Shade Tree Learning has the right to refuse any applicant for any reason