Building a Child’s Self Esteem


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4 Hour Self Study Class


Self-esteem refers to a person’s evaluation of his or her own worth and competence.  People who have a high self-esteem have a strong positive sense of their own worth and importance as individuals and also a confidence in their own ability to successfully meet life’s challenges.  How do people develop self-esteem and when does it start?  That is what we are going to look at in this self-study.  Self-esteem affects interpersonal relationships, behavior, and learning in the classroom. The interactions that you have with young children will either help build their self-esteem high or break them down until their self-esteem is low. Establish a healthy self-esteem is important for children’s overall success in school, in life, and for their future relationships. A teacher’s interactions with a child are not just the conversations or attention they give the child. It incorporates the environment, the support staff, the developmentally appropriate curriculum, the security and the freedom for a child to explore, discover and learn.


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