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3 Hour Self Study Class



So many times providers get placed in the infant or toddler room and they think what an easy job. They start to think that all they have to do to receive that paycheck on Friday is play with some babies. They soon find out that is not the case at all. Infants and toddlers take up a great deal of the provider’s time, and energy. It isn’t all about playing on the floor, but interacting with the children. Infancy is the start of childhood, and a very important part of the child’s life. Allowing them to be in a swing, or bouncy seat all day isn’t the quality care that I believe all infants deserve. I want you to learn more about how to help the infant to grow up secure environment. This class helps you see the importance of being an infant teacher. Certificate for this class will be e-mailed within 3 days of passing the online test.


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