This is the CDA Training. Once you make your purchase you will have access to the CDA class AND ALL of the training classes. If you have any issues, please let us know by calling / texting 682-478-7417. This does not include the fees associated with the CDA Council. The council is the organization that actually awards you with the CDA. After you have started the class you will need to visit their website at and purchase the Competency Standards Book (this will be needed for your observation). Once you have completed the class, you will need to visit the website to make your payment for the CDA.

Instructions to Access the Class
When you purchase the class you will submit the email and password you want for your Shadetree Learning Login. After you make your purchase, you will come back to, go to the top right and click on sign-in. Again, use the email and password that you submitted when you made your purchase. Once you are signed-in to the website, you will be on the Dashboard. Scroll down to find the links to your class. If you ever get lost, you can always click on My Account (takes the place of the Sign-In button once you are logged in) to get back to the dashboard.




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