PS102 – 16-Hour Pre-Service Training

16 hours of Preservice expand on the concepts presented in our 8-hour pre-service.

The State of Texas requires anyone without 2 years of experience to have 16 hours of Pre-Service training within 90 days of starting your child care job. This 16 hours of Pre-service training is attached in the following links. Please take time to read each article and watch each video. The text below is a combination of materials. Once you complete the test, you will receive a certificate showing successful completion of these 16 hours.

The 16 hours include the following topics:
1) Developmental stages of children
2) Age-appropriate activities for children
3) Positive guidance and discipline of children
4) Fostering children’s self-esteem
5) Supervision and safety practices in the care of children
6) Positive interaction with children
7) Preventing and controlling the spread of communicable diseases, including immunizations

It is important that you review the State of Texas Minimum Standards. There will be some areas where you are required to read specific pages and sections of the Minimum Standards.  Chapter 746 Child-Care Centers (PDF)

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