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1. The participant will be able to explain what Cognitive Development is and their role in helping children during this development.

2. The participant will be able to list 4 activities that they can do with their age group to help build the Cognitive aspect of Child Development.

3. The participant will be able to explain the correlation between Cognitive Development and Self-Regulation in early childhood children.


There are various aspects to a child’s development including emotional, physical and cognitive development. As a teacher or parent, it is important to understand the different ways that children develop so you can track progress, support development and identify problems. Cognitive development impacts the child’s education and by understanding the different stages, you can be supportive of this development. Parents and teachers must work together to help the child be ready cognitively for future learning. Early childhood is not only a period of amazing physical growth, it is also a time of remarkable mental development. Cognitive abilities associated with memory, reasoning, problem-solving and thinking continue to emerge throughout childhood.

As I started to write this course I suddenly remember that not everyone believes that development occurs in the same manner or on the same timeline. What I am writing here for you is some of the information. There is other information out there that explains Cognitive Development in another manner. I am not taking away from that research or am I saying it is wrong. I am giving you one concept to help build your classroom environment on. I want to celebrate the individual child and his or her own personal process to gain knowledge building on experience

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