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CDA Class

As of June 2013 the CDA Process has changed. To find out more information regarding the CDA from the Council in Washing, please click below link:


We know how hard it is to get to a weekly or nightly class for your CDA training materials. That is why we have developed the Self Paced CDA Class with individual support every step along the way. Our CDA Training Class is $300.00 for all 120 hours of training, support in creating the resource file, and preparation for the final exam and interview. The fee can be paid all at once or broken into a payment plan.

It is important that you know Shade Tree Learning does not grant the CDA but rather conducts the training and preparation so you can go into the final aspects of the process with confidence that you are well prepared.

For more information regarding the CDA Process,  visit the Council's website at  www.cdacouncil.org.

Subscription : 1 year
Price: $250.00